Free Gun Collecting Software

This is for gun collections only and runs on Windows operating systems only.

For Windows Vista and later, DO NOT INSTALL TO THE C:\Program Files directory or it will not Work!!!! When you run the installer please change the default installation directory.
This free gun collecting software was developed for Windows XP and earlier so I have not updated it for Vista or later. However, it is still so popular among firearms collectors that people figured out how to make it work by changing the default installation directory.
I am making this gun collecting application available for free to those who wish to continue to use it and can follow the instructions to install it to any directory other than the default.
Please do not expect me to support it. Please don’t ask me for help if you install it to the default directory and get a run-time error. Just uninstall it and reinstall it to a different directory. Thanks!
As an alternative, please consider NM Collector Software which is designed for any collection (including a Home Inventory Software template) and will run on any computer including Windows, Mac and Linux. I do provide a free version of it as well but it is limited in functionality.

Here is some historical information

Whether you’re starting with a few guns or have already collected several hundred firearms, you can use NM Gun Collector Software to easily catalog and track your growing firearms collection. This full featured free gun collecting software stores detailed information on your collected pieces, including costs, values and digital photographs and provides organized and definitive records for insurance and estate planning purposes.

Easy-to-use features let you:

  • Add, remove and view multiple photographs of each item in your firearms collection.
  • Enter and retrieve information in an intuitive and logical interface.
  • Save data-entry time by selecting common information (caliber, finish) that is already available in drop down lists.
  • Edit the drop down lists and enter the characteristics that are common to your gun collection.
  • Print multiple reports including BATF C&R Bound Book formatted reports, description reports, a description report with a picture, and labels to attach to your firearms.
  • Track the cost and value (both appraised and realized) of your collection, in whole or in part, with built in statistic reports.
  • Keep maintenance records.
  • Track ammo.
  • Include Data Sheets.

System Requirements

  • PC: 100 MHz Pentium Class
  • OS: Windows 95, 98, NT SP4, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.  Do not install to the Program Files directory for Windows Vista and Windows 7 or it will not work!
  • Disk Space: 13 MB available disk space (less for Windows 98 and above and for Systems with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products already installed)
  • Memory: If you have enough memory to run Windows effectively, you have enough memory to run this software. (The new Windows systems require lots of memory for the operating system alone and memory requirements vary greatly among operating systems. However, once you get the operating system running efficiently, this software will not require much more.)